As an Indonesian artist, Alfeus Christie has honed his skills and created so many appetizing digital artworks about food and drink, pouring it into illustrations and animations. Over the past 2 years, he has created illustrations for an array of clients, including Sasa Melezatkan, Glico WIngs, and Indomie.

His works are inspired by various Japanese pop culture such as anime and manga. He also has experience in the video game industry as a 2D artist, following his passion for playing video games and understanding game design. He was never really into food art, but after a few years of drawing backgrounds and characters, he decided it was time to try something new and he could see his work in a different light.

His favorite thing about doing food illustrations is that it gets him thinking about the food, and makes him curious about how the food tastes and how people make it!


Do you need illustrations for your project? or do you want best animation for your company?
I’m here for you!


Visualize your ideas into food & drink illustration, background digital painting, concept art, video game assets


Creating a series of images known as frames, to simulate movement and make it come to life

Graphic Design

Conceptualize design for restaurant menu, merchandise prints, and key visuals



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